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Letter from the Chairman of the Board, Bill Miller

Today, with the successful acquisition of PSA, marks another milestone moment in PLI’s history. One cannot help but reflect on our past as we take yet another major leap forward into our future...


PLI Acquires PSA

Plasticard Locktech International (PLI), the world's largest hotel keycard and gift and loyalty card manufacturer, announced today that it has acquired PSA...


PLI Launches New Innovative Sustainable Chalk Substrate

PLI Launches New Innovative Sustainable Chalk Key, Gift, Loyalty and Membership Cards; Plans to add 3rd Shift - Adding up to 50 New Jobs at North Las Vegas Facility.


PLI, Smartrac and NXP Join Forces

PLI (Plasticard-Locktech International), the world's largest manufacturer of hotel keycards, has signed a large-scale and long-term supply agreement with Smartrac, featuring NXP MIFARE® ICs.


PLI Asheville Sets Company Minimum Wage at $13/Hour

Peter Krauss, CEO of Plasticard Locktech International, held a series of internal town hall meetings to announce that, effective April 3, 2016, no one at PLI will make less than $13/hour.

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